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Christie Copeland

Business Consultant ~ Gymnastics Club Owner (20y)~ Corp Analyst ❤️ Family, Dogs, Travel

Hi everyone!

Thanks for checking out my page!

I’m Christie Copeland founder of Champion’s Choice Consulting and author of Activity Center Tips.

I grew up in Clio, Michigan and attended college at GMI Engineering and Management Institute (now Kettering) and graduated from University of Michigan (Flint).

During childhood, I was always starting businesses from growing and selling pumpkins to learning calligraphy for school certificates (yes, they were HANDWRITTEN).

In 5th grade for the “what do you want to do when you grow up assignment,” I wrote about wanting to run General Motors.  Being the first in my family to consider college, my parents thought I was crazy!  By attending GMI that was what I thought was the route to pursue that goal.

During college, I held down 3 jobs with a very aggressive class schedule.  Besides my co-op student position at General Motors, I also worked in the school’s Management Office as an Admin and then started coaching gymnastics.

I was a mediocre gymnast (at best) through early high school, but always maintained a love for the sport.  I helped out some during high school, but once I left for college didn’t really ever intend to return to coaching.

My goal for all of the jobs during college was simple – supplement paying for my college bills to graduate with as little as possible in student loans.  Success!! I had only $6300 in loans when I graduated that I paid off in two years.  Most of my classmates at GMI had about $50k in student loans which was a LOT of money for college then!

Since college, I have

  • Worked in supply chain at General Motors (still there)
  • Decided against climbing the corporate ladder in exchange for opening my own business
  • Transitioned through 3 gyms as I created plans to open my own gym
  • Started my own gym (in 1999) – a business degree teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to run a business, right?
  • Sold my gym (2018) after 5 expansions and 19 years and growth from 200 to over 1,000 students and reaching 7 figures in revenue

What now? 

As an employer and coach, my biggest reward was being a role model and mentor.  I am looking forward to sharing information with YOU!

Are you looking for more ideas, advice and recommendations from experts?  Activity Center Tips will grow into an exclusive community where business owners and managers can engage and interact.

My goal is to help you to

  • get those important “back burner” items checked off of your list
  • get more done in less time
  • make this year your most productive and profitable ever

I’d love to hear comments on some of the top challenges you are facing in your business.

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Consulting, Gymnastics, Kid's Activity Centers, Dance, Martial Arts, Small Business, Consultant, Club Owner, USA Gymnastics