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In this article, we’re spotlighting 3 Cs of marketing that are impactful strategies for Child Activity Businesses to incorporate into your Annual Marketing Plan. (Although, these concepts apply to all businesses!) Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, navigating revenue enhancement can be a challenge. If you find yourself unsure of where to begin or in need of a brainstorming partner, rest assured, we’re here to help  you rev up your revenue and head toward a more prosperous future.


Connect with Charities!  Identify charities that are near and dear to your purpose and determine HOW you can help.  Depending on the type of charity, the ways you can get involved could be infinite! Participate in an event with your staff or students. 

Publicity = Visibility and Visibility = More Customers!

Donate to an event or cause to bring awareness and funds to the cause but also to show your support and the product / service that you offer to the community.  Think of something creative that you can offer that benefits many. 

Identify Untapped Opportunities within Local Schools and Clubs. Sometimes getting directly connected to public schools can be a challenge.  Be creative – Connect with PTOs, private schools, pre-schools and day cares.  Similar to charities, determine how you can get involved to both help and to gain exposure.  Participate in events and provide the parents and children in the community important information such as safety tips, fitness and nutritional information and more.

Seek out Hot spots in the Community that have foot traffic where you would like exposure. Meet with the manager of that organization and set up a plan for cross advertising.  Work with your collaboration partner to leave flyers at their front desk in exchange for a coupon in your weekly email or vice versa.  This opportunity could be completely digital or with physical flyers at the business locations.


#1 Remember that your Community Presence is not only on Social Media! 

Think about ways that you can reach ALL potential customers and make a list.  Consider Social Media, Website, Search Engines, Business Listings like Google My Business, all of your Collaboration Connections from section 1 of this article, Community Calendars, Local Events, etc.  Seek out online calendars that allow for you to add events.

Once you have created your list next, create a plan on HOW you will use each of these tools to connect.

If you would like more ideas or to work together on this – click HERE.


  1. Schedule regular reviews of your information for accuracy
  2. Update your website regularly – show upcoming events on your home page. Not only will this promote your events, but it will keep your website current (and search engines like current).
  3. Plan – have all marketing planned out monthly (or weekly at a minimum) including social media, emails, other online updates, etc.
  4. Use an annual marketing calendar tool.
  5. Track, review and analyze regularly.

When it comes to Social Media,  determine the channels that work for you!  Make sure you are not overcommitting to


In order to promote yourself, people must see you regularly.  In the world of digital marketing, experts say that it can take between 5-12 contacts before the consumer makes a buying decision.  Do not expect that the first time someone sees or hears about your business they will sign up or purchase.  First, someone may hear about you from a friend, then they may see you at a local event, then they see a social media ad when they finally make the purchase decision. 

The item businesses forget about most is Emailing Current and Prospective Clients Regularly. This, like all other marketing should be part of your annual plan.

To wrap things up, here are a few more things to remember:

  • Collect Email Addresses at EVERY opportunity
  • Social media rules and permissions can change at any time
  • Keep your loyal followers informed via every possible channel
  • Track – what works / what doesn’t
  • PLAN

We could spend a week talking about everything to consider for Marketing, but these are just a few things to keep in mind as you are planning for the year!  Good luck and happy earning!

If you are looking for more ideas, I am here to help you gain and retain clients (& staff)!

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